Fine Art

Umbria (2016) Acrylic on Canvas

Otter (2015) Acrylic on Canvas

Bear (2015) Acrylic on Canvas

Fairytale Abstraction (2014) Acrylic on Canvas

Complication (2011) Installation, Part Two in COMMON

Nude 6 (2010) Charcoal on Paper

Figure Study 4 (2010) Charcoal on Paper

Laura (2010) Oil on Linen

Studio (2010) Oil on Wood

Punishment of the Damned (2009) Oil on Paper

Self-Portrait (2009) Oil on Paper

Willow (2009) Egg Tempra on Wood Plank

Beach Hat (2009) Oil on Paper

Room (2008) Charcoal on Paper

Dancer Portraits (2008) Pastel on Paper